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Jarvis Medical Practice
 Jarvis Medical Practice

Glodwick Primary Care Centre
137 Glodwick Road
Tel: 0161 622 9220
Fax: 0161 622 9221
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Booking an Appointment

Tel: 0161 622 9220


The practice appointment system has provision for GP 48 hours access/ emergency and pre-book able appointments.  Children under 5 years will be given same day access to a prescribing clinician.


The demand for emergency and 48 hour access appointment’s at times is very high and not all requests can be accommodated. In these circumstances patients will be advised of the local provision for patient access i.e. W-I-C, Pharmacy First, A&E in cases of emergency.


Telephone Advice


If you would like to speak to a doctor but do not feel you need to be seen, we can organise a telephone consultation with one of the GPs. This can be organized through the receptionist.


Book An Appointment Online - NEW


If you have a Patient Access account please click on the button below to login. If you do not yet have an account but would like one please contact the surgery.



Keeping Your Appointment


Every month appointments are lost by people failing to attend without cancelling their booking. This is wasteful of the doctor’s time. Please telephone to cancel your appointment in good time so that it can be offered to others patients. You will also receive a text message reminding you about you appointment time and date, providing we have the correct mobile number. This way you can also text back and cancel your appointments.


Late Arrival


We appreciate some delays are unavoidable; however, we cannot guarantee that patients who arrive late will be seen as this will lead to the surgery running late and inconvenience those patients who arrive in good time.


Chaperone policy


All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, examinations or procedure where they feel one is required. Wherever possible we would ask you to make this request at the time of booking your appointment so arrangements can be made.


Rules of Play

Ten minutes is not a great deal of time in which to conduct a consultation with all that it entails, and we suggest that patients need to take some of the responsibility for keeping within the time allocated. There is a tendency to overestimate the amount of time available once they enter the consulting room and some patients try to raise too many problems during the consultation. The inevitable outcome is that the consultation overruns and the surgery starts to run late leading to a backlog for the patients with later appointments. This is not to say that we do not occasionally expect appointment times to run over but we would ask you to remain aware of the limitations of the time available and that other patients are waiting.

Once in the consulting room please mention your main complaint first and try to describe your symptoms clearly;

Avoid bringing a list of problems to the consultation, as one appointment is really only meant to address one problem, although we may be prepared to discuss a second, minor complaint in a ten minute appointment, at our discretion. Mentioning more than two conditions will be viewed as lacking in consideration for the doctor and for patients waiting to come in later.

Do not say (or even think!) "I don't attend the surgery very often so I've saved up my complaints".

If you feel that your problem may merit longer than ten minutes or feel justified in mentioning two complaints, then it may be possible to arrange a double appointment and you should book this with the receptionists. You will probably have to wait a little longer for a double appointment in these circumstances.

Be prepared to make a further appointment on the doctor's instructions if there is insufficient time to deal thoroughly with your problem.

Some situations demand special arrangements, for instance it would be unrealistic to expect the doctor to carry out a full medical examination and complete an extensive form during a normal surgery appointment slot. Discuss your requirements with the reception staff.

Please do not discuss the medical problems or needs of other patients in addition to your own complaint. At worst, entering into such a discussion could constitute a breach of confidentiality. At the very least, this will lengthen the consultation. One patient - one appointment



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